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Dairy Star (10)

DairyStar Calcium Boost Bolus (4x175 g per box)
DairyStar Mineral Boost Bolus (8x110 g per box)
DairyStar Energy Boost Bolus (4x135 g per box)
Dairy Star Start Up Drink
DairyStar Start up Bolus (8x 70g per doosje)
Dairy Star Garlic Boost Bolus
€120,00 Unit price: €120,00 / Piece
(€130,80 Incl. tax)
DairyStar Salicine Bolus (8x 70g per doosje)
DairyStar Beta Boost Bolus (8x 97 g per box)
€56,27 Unit price: €6,84 /
(€61,34 Incl. tax)
E-Lyte Pearls (10x50 g per bucket)
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Dairy Star

Dairy Star is the brand for high-quality and reliable animal feed additives. Dairy Star products are developed by veterinarians, tested for effectiveness and widely tested in practice. They are also GMO free. The product range consists of high-quality boluses, gels and liquid energy.